Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Beast King and Queen - Guest post by Advika Basu

     Story and illustrations               
     By  ADVIKA BASU (Age 7 years)

Once upon a time there was a baby prince and a baby princess. 

They had so much fun in their childhood but they became more and more selfish as they got older. 
One fine day they became a bossy king and queen. They asked for money, diamonds and rubies otherwise the people were not allowed to stay in the kingdom. 

The people became so annoyed with the king and queen. When the king and queen shouted orders they just ignored and chatted with each other. The king and queen shouted and the people shouted back. The faces of the king and queen turned red. 
The angry king and queen poured cold water on the people. The people poured cold water back at them. Immediately the king and queen got horns and beast's teeth. 

The king and queen ordered for money, diamonds and rubies. But the people demanded for money, diamonds and rubies too. 
The bodies of the greedy king and queen became green, then their hands and legs became red, and they grew long nails. They started destroying the kingdom. 
One clever little girl got a great idea to make the king and queen normal again. The little girl went to the king and queen and said "Hello!" politely. 
They shouted at her and said "Have you come only to say hello!"

The little girl gave the king and queen lots of yummy goodies. To their surprise their faces were not red anymore. The kind little girl gave them a nice leg massage. Then their nails shrunk.
The girl poured hot water on their bodies and cold water on their hands and legs. After that their skin became normal. Then the girl took them to the dentist. The dentist pulled out all the beast's teeth and then replaced them with normal teeth. 
The king and queen were so happy that their horns magically disappeared. 

After that the king and queen became very kind to their people and they even let them have an elephant ride for free.


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